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Large Commercial Lighted Displays for the Chinese New Year

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Gold Chinese Rat Chinese Lantern with Glitter Ribbon Chinese Silhouette Dragon
Chinese New Year Flower 2-D Chinese motif Double Dragon with LED
Chinese lanterns with LED lights Chinese Dragon with LED lights 2-D Happy New year display
Chinese 2-D Red Dragon
Our Price: $3,185.00
2-D Happy Chinese New Year
Our Price: $3,185.00
Pole Mount with LED lights 3-D pagoda with LED lights
3-D Chinese Pagoda
Our Price: $31,355.00

Bring the spirit of Chinese New Year to any shopping center, office or public space with our selection of commercial indoor and outdoor holiday decorations. For the Chinese New Year, we offer an array of large displays including 3-D Chinese lanterns, pole-mounted bright and colorful LED displays, 2-D 24V power supply displays and much more.

Our large light-up Chinese New Year displays are for sale year round, but we recommend that you order holiday displays in the spring and summer to provide ample time for customization and delivery. We offer our best discounts early in the year, so it pays to not wait! Contact us with questions.

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is an important Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese holiday. Unlike the western New Year, which is always on the same day because it is celebrated in accordance with the solar calendar, the dates of the Chinese New Year are determined by the solar year in addition to the phases of the moon. Since a solar month and a lunar month don’t align, time has to be added back in occasionally and this causes the Chinese New Year to fall on a different date every year.
Dates for the Chinese New Year range from January 21 to February 20, and you can check out the Chinese New Year calendar to ensure you’re up to date.

Our Chinese New Year displays are bright and colorful, and feature a stunning array of red and yellow (or gold). In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good fortune and joy, so whether it’s the Chinese New Year or another holiday, red is generally a prominent color for decorations, displays and clothing in China.
Yellow, the color at the center of everything, implies good luck. It is a prestigious color that brings balance and corresponds with nature and the earth; it is said to generate yin and yang - the concept that all things exist as closely intertwined opposites.