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At Holiday Lights & Magic, Inc. we carry hundreds of Products to choose from to make your Holidays "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" We offer products for Residential to the Largest Displays for any venue. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations. Creativity, Ingenuity and Integrity - that's what we bring to every project and customer relationship. We create custom Lighting displays of unparalleled quality, elegance and durability. We create Custom Displays for Christmas and other Holidays. Let us bring the "MAGIC" to your Holidays & Events!

Browse our store for hundreds of products. Click each image to see pricing and to order or call us to assist you. We warrant our products for up to 10 Seasons. Our in house designers are known for creating magnificent Christmas displays and making the holiday season "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". We have all of the props you could ever dream of to create your own Winter Wonderland or any Holiday event throughout the year! Bring holiday cheer to your neighborhood, HOME, OFFICE BUILDING, STORE, MALLS, or CITIES with our spectacular props and light displays! We have it all!

By July 2019

A stunning Christmas display draws customers to your business during the most important shopping season of the year. With extra-large commercial Christmas Ornaments and Fiberglass Props, plexiglass motifs, walk-thru motifs from Holiday Lights and Magic, you can create a Holiday Fantasy Land in the theme of your choice. From LED lights and Giant Light Show Trees, RGB Trees, commercial-grade to giant holiday event decorations and Park displays. You’ll find everything you need to bring the enchanting atmosphere of Christmas to your retail location or home. Over the years our customers have come to rely on Holiday Lights & Magic, Inc. for our quality lighting products, quick delivery, competitive prices and most of all for our personalized service. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. We are here before, during and after the sale.
We carry only the highest quality displays in the world.

Whether your ideal customer is the wide-eyed child or the kid at heart, Holiday Lights and Magic, Inc. has Christmas Sculptures and Props for displays designed to catch their attention with the sense of wonder that makes the holiday season so special. Choose traditional Santa Claus themes, classic Victorian and European Motif lighting or religious decorations to create the right atmosphere for your target audience.
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We offer Discounts throughout the year. Our best discounts are in the first quarter of the year.