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Create a magical winter wonderland for events, or design a unique and stunning visual experience for an outdoor mall, park and more with our European floor ornaments and holiday motifs. Our designs vary widely, from giant ornaments to whimsical toys, but the commonality is that each product you'll find in this selection can be set up free-standing.
Floor standing holiday displays look great alone, or when paired with giant trees, unlit fiberglass designs such as presents or sleighs, or when paired with additional freestanding motifs from our European Collection.

The European collection is unique to Holiday Lights & Magic, and is known for offering impeccable quality and being available at highly competitive pricing. Remember that when you order your holiday displays, it's best to order early as we're able to offer you our lowest pricing at the start of the new year.
We've worked with a wide range of buyers to help create commercial holiday displays for both residential and commercial or city use. Our expertise in commercial light displays spans over 24 years, and we pride ourselves on the commitment we have to continually growing our relationships with our customers.
If you have questions about our products or you're interested in working together to create a design that's uniquely yours, don't hesitate to contact us today!