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Giant Christmas Bows for Decoration

Give yourself the gift of holiday cheer with these large Christmas bows and ribbons! Our bows come in sizes anywhere from 12-96 inches and our oversized ribbon can be over a hundred feet long! These decorations can be used for a variety of different purposes. Try one of our giant Christmas bows for cars to drive around spreading Christmas cheer! Our large red ribbon bows for Christmas won’t fade over time or lose their shape – on the inside, they have easily re-shapeable mesh that will last for years to come. These high quality Bows will hold up whether you decide to use them outside or inside.

At Holiday Lights and Magic, we’re here to bring that:Holiday Magic! We offer the best value for your money. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your home or Office décor more Beautiful for the holidays filled with wonder. Shop our Giant Red, Gold, Blue & Silver Christmas Bows now!

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Red Velvet ribbon wrap 14" X 100' Red Velour Bow with wire for hanging
Wired Exterior Bow Commercial Red Canvas bows
Indoor/outdoor Gold metallic Bows Vinyl Bow with ball clusters and garland accents
Red Nylon Bow with Gold trim 18' and 24" Commercial Bows
Commercial Red Velvet Christmas Bow Red Nylon Commercial Christmas Bows
3-D Gold Bows 38" Red 2-D Bow with gold trim
18" or 24" 3D Red Velvet Bows Indoor/Outdoor use 3D Red Velvet Bow 48" or 60" 3D Structural
3D Velvet bows with Gold Nylon trim Giant 3D Red Velvet Bow with Gold trim
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