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All of our magnificent GIANT Trees are manufactured here in the USA. Call us for the size Tree you want and we will quote it for you. You need to order by March Each Year. You can design your own Light Show package.
Whether you select our Northwest Conifer, Giant Paramount, Canadian Pine, Rocky Mountain Pine,You can rest assured that you will receive the finest commercial grade artificial tree available. We use 90% recycled steel for our Frames. We also have Giant walk - Thru Trees.
Our most recent Giant Oregon Cascade Fir Tree was 90 feet tall and constructed of 2567 individual branches and each branch had 70 LED lights. The sky is the limit as far as options you can get for your Tree. Beyond animation - Light Show Trees & RGB TREES Available to Order with Programing and Music. Stimulating colors, shapes and movements. Our Giant Commercial Trees have a Ten Year Warranty.
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11', 13, 15' and 18' Wide base Mountain Pine tree with LED Bulbs Giant Mosaic Tree in classic, coastal and Winter
23' Mosaic Tree
Our Price: $22,970.00
Custom Mosaic Tree with LED wall washers Giant Scroll Tree with 1810 C7 bulbs
30' Mosaic Tree
Our Price: $31,900.00
30' Scroll Tree with 3D Star
Our Price: $19,388.00
programmable Light Show Tree Ponderosa Tree with exploded tips from 3' to 9'
Artificial Light Show Tree LED Lighted Exploding Tree
Giant Manzanita Tree with LED lights Giant Indoor outdoor paramount tree
Poinsettia Trees Animated RGB Giant Trees
Lighted Sequoia tree 13' to 21' Swirl Tree
Monarch trees with LED lights Mountain Pine tree with C9 Lights

Giant Christmas Trees for Retail & Commercial Display

Nothing brings the holiday spirit to a public square, shopping center or local retail store quite like the addition of a towering Christmas tree. The large artificial Christmas Trees for sale from Holiday Lights and Magic range in size from simple four-foot firs to impressive 100-foot displays decked out with lights from top to bottom. Trees are completely customized to fit the type of display you have planned. Choose from pop-up trees, LED light trees or sculptures crafted in dazzling scrolls and spirals.

Our giant commercial Christmas Trees for holiday displays are made in the USA using frames of 90 percent recycled steel. You can rely on these trees to be the central points for your displays year after year. Indoors or out, these Christmas Trees for retail and commercial displays radiate the warm, welcoming people to watch a Light Show Tree.

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