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LED Light Projections for Holidays & Events

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Multi sensory laser light bundle 16 color Laser red green Laser light
Color Red Laser Plus LED
Our Price: $183.99
Duo 2-in-1 Laser Light
Our Price: $137.50
trio laser light green laser Red laser with duel lasers
Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light
Our Price: $178.25
Motion Green Laser Light
Our Price: $183.99
Motion Red Laser Light
Our Price: $183.99
Laser with 16 colors plus LED Green laser with built in timer purple Laser instant holiday lighting
Color Blue Laser Plus LED
Our Price: $172.50
Color Green Laser Plus LED
Our Price: $172.50
Commercial Laser Projectors Hand held laser pen in green

Without decorations, Christmas would be half as festive. Christmas decorations don't just light up streets and buildings, they light up faces. Nothing beats seeing a row of homes lighting up a cold winter evening, but with decor also comes installation.
At Holiday Lights & Magic, we want to ensure that everyone can partake in the magic of Christmas. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose, so here we've curated our selection of personal LED laser light favorites. These lights are easy to install without the use of ladders, tools or other equipment. Simply place the laser Christmas light projector inside or outside, and turn it on for an immediate and dazzling display of holiday magic.

Multi-color Christmas light projectors were originally developed to quickly and easily decorate large outdoor spaces, such as theme parks. The LEDs are bright and long lasting, and make the holiday experience extremely affordable and energy efficient.
We offer a wide range of ground stake and standing holiday projectors for you to enjoy. These models are versatile and most simply require access to an electrical outlet. Install them outdoors by driving the stake into a soft patch of earth, such as a lawn. Indoors, these holiday light projectors are just as easy and fun: point them at the Christmas tree, toward a wall, or let them dance across the ceiling during your holiday or New Years celebration.
Holiday LED projectors are one of the easiest and most versatile solutions to Christmas decor, however, their use doesn't stop there. LED holiday lighting can be used at any party or event, serve as a dazzling setting for a summer BBQ, add another level of beauty to gardens and so much more.

Experience the magic of high-quality laser lights today. At Holiday Lights & Magic, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and superior product quality. Because we use only the highest quality lasers, our products last longer, shine brighter, and provide better coverage than competing brands. Try one for yourself and see the difference!