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Inception Lighting uses 50,000 hour RGB LED forward facing light strips which are nearly twice as bright as regular incandescent bulbs and use 20% of the electricity.
The base and lid are acrylic, flexible, fade proof and weather resistant.
The system is installed at the roof line using 3M VHB tape and/or small taping screws.
The lights are fully color changing (over 16 million color choices) via an APP on your phone, IPAD, or laptop computer.
All lighted structures can be pre-programmed and fully scheduled, or changed on the fly 24 hours a day 7 days a week, independently or in groups.
Instead of white lights all the time you can choose a scheme appropriate for the particular Holiday or event you want to celebrate; red and green for Christmas / red, white and blue on the 4th of July / orange at Halloween / pink for Susan Komen parade / any color to support your local teams.

Multiple systems can be controlled through a single device and synchronized through a real-time clock so programs run seamlessly. Up to 16 million Color definitions are available within the app. A simple Color wheel is provided for selection. Defined Colors are presented and can be selected to edit as needed. The ability to define specific RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and hexadecimal (Hex) values for a specific color is provided for advanced definition.
Your carbon footprint will be lowered because our product consumes 90 percent less electricity than traditional string lights. With a One-Time, Permanent Installation, you can Illuminate every occasion or event or Holiday from anywhere at any time from any web browser, smart phone or tablet using our cloud based - control solution. Inception Lighting will help you attract more business while also helping you realize savings through substantially lower energy consumption and less maintenance while protecting the environment at the same time.

System Overview

The Inception Lighting Control Services (ILCS) incorporates the latest in cloud technology and Internet security to allow communication with the Inception Lighting System from anywhere in the world Users are able to access the system via an iOS app to manage and control their system (a browser-based app is coming soon)

How It Works

Users are able to send control commands using our iOS app (1) which communicates to the ILCS Cloud platform (2) which in turn sends the control command to the location of the Inception Lighting System using a WiFi or Cellular enabled Gateway (3) The Gateway sends the signal through an Access Point (4) to the Generation II Controllers (5) on the customer’s location

You can foster pride in the community by making outdoor spaces vibrant and brightening those spots that are meaningful to citizens.
Residents and visitors will feel safer as they enjoy the illumination of buildings and other outdoor spaces around the city.
The lighting improvements will energize your city to encourage citizens and visitors to explore and engage.
In 2018, we will offer integration for our product into automation and security systems. By linking our product with security systems, as a color-code is implemented, our product can be used to communicate the specific type of emergency to police, fire and the surrounding public. Technology especially important for the hearing impaired.

The track also serves as a conduit to conceal up to two extension cables behind the LED strips for extending further than 130 feet of continuous RGB placement from one power and control location. Our system includes up to a 5 year warranty on the electrical components and 10 year warranty on the base and lid.
We install the Inception Lighting. Call us for a quote!

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