Light Up Your Holidays with Holiday Lights & Magic

Looking for a professional Christmas light installation service? Holiday Lights & Magic offers custom designs tailored to your home or business.

Our full-service package includes the lights, decorations, labor, and equipment. We take care of everything from installation to maintenance, plus removal and storage after the holiday season.

Enjoy a hassle-free holiday with our comprehensive lighting services!

Crafting Enchanting Holiday Lighting Experiences for Every Home

Our team is composed of trained artists, photographers, architects, and decorators who are all dedicated to creating beautiful, classic holiday homes that reflect elegance and balance.

With a deep understanding of design principles, we focus on bringing magic to homes through expert lighting design as well as enhancing their unique architectural features. Each holiday design we create is personalized to reflect your distinct taste, style, and budget. Our passion lies in crafting holiday settings that bring joy and beauty to your space, transforming it into a festive sanctuary tailored just for you.