3 Tips On Planning Christmas Lights For Outdoor Lighting

Most of us are eagerly waiting for Christmas - hoping for everything to get back to normal and meet families and friends again after quarantine and subsidence of the COVID-19 pandemic. As now we are spending more time at home, why not plan on outdoor lighting for Christmas celebrations?

Most of you probably might be thinking - Isn’t it too early to plan on Christmas lights? Well, we have plenty of reasons why this is the right time to plan on outdoor decorations.

  • You can test Christmas lights now as the weather is beautiful outside.
  • You have plenty of time to get repair and replacement kits for holiday lights.
  • You can plan a particular theme and can even revise it.
  • Buy unique colors, lights, and decorations before they sell out.
  • Save money on great promotions on a wide variety of Christmas products during the summer.
  • Most importantly, increase the chance of winning the best Christmas lights awards after strategic planning.

Perhaps you plan to hire a professional light-hanging company to have your Christmas lights hung. But if the option is not feasible to you or you have plans to do it on your own, you need to read the mentioned tips to achieve an impressive outdoor Christmas light displays.

Focus On Safety

While professionals have gears necessary to do a safe job to hang Christmas lights, you, on the other hand, have to think about safety. You will be dealing with two potentially dangerous things - electricity and height. Make sure to plug in your lights in a covered, outdoor outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter. The GGCI will cut the power off from the outlet if the electricity surges in your Christmas light for any reason. While hanging the lights on the exterior, you must always use a sturdy ladder so that you can stand securely on it.

The type of Christmas lights

Incandescent Christmas light bulbs are still a big favorite for most Christmas enthusiasts as you can get them colored with a ceramic finish or transparent paint. But if you want vivid and contemporary lights, nothing is better than LED lights. LED Christmas lights for outdoor lighting are exceptionally bright and also extremely energy efficient. What’s more? You get plenty of color options instead of traditional white lights.

Create a plan

How many times have you gone extravagant on Christmas lights? Instead of spending lavishly, measure how many strings of lights do you need. The trick also saves you from not buying sufficient lights to create the desired design. When you start early, you even get enough time to create a focal point - like an eye-catching entryway or dramatic roofline - an outstanding feature on the exterior to amaze everyone.

The idea of decorating the house needs lots of planning and changes in designs. Look for LED Christmas lights for outdoor lighting on Holiday Lights And Magic and turn your vision of outdoor Christmas decorations into reality.