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Illuminated Ornaments and figures on sale Now! Limited availability on some items. Made of poly resin with mini lights inside that can be changed out to any other color or LED lights.
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Mosaic Illuminated ball ornament made of poly resin Icy Ball Illuminated Ornament
Lighted Peppermint Round 18" to 26" Illuminated gift box
Climbing Santa with 35 mini lights inside 25" Tall Poly resin Santa on the Moon decoration
26.4' Sold in Green & White or Green & Red Frost Red & Frost Illuminated Flat candy
29" Illuminated Bethlehem Star 32" Illuminated Clear icicles sold in 2 packs
32" Clear Icicle
Our Price: $146.50
Icicle made of poly resin with 20 clear lights Lighted 32.4" Red & Frost Oval candy
Green & Frost Illuminated oval Candy 40" Illuminated Candy Cane
Illuminated Gingerbread House 18" Illuminated 2D Santa head with LED Lights
44" Gingerbread House
Our Price: $800.50
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