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Need giant holiday props for a beautiful holiday display? How about nutcrackers, reindeer, Santa, and his sleigh? At HolidayLightsAndMagic.com we have a wonderful selection of giant holiday props, proudly made in the USA. If you are trying to command attention for the holiday season, look no further than our wide variety of large Christmas decorations.

The Magic of Christmas begins with Santa, his reindeer, and the sleigh he travels in. If you need to pick up a new sleigh for Santa this year, we have a few beautifully designed, hand-crafted Christmas sleighs to choose from. Children and adults alike will be in awe of how incredible our Colossal Christmas Sleigh is. Purchase a giant nutcracker or two to stand guard leading up to the sleigh to really put your holiday display over the top.

Anything you need to create exquisite holiday displays this year, Holiday Lights & MAGIC has it.
Shop our wide variety of astonishing commercial Christmas decorations today!

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Gold Tree stand Riser fiberglass penguin
4' Standing Penguin
Our Price: $655.50
Fiberglass standing Reindeer Fiberglass reindeer
Fiberglass Santa with banner 6' Santa made of fiberglass
5' Santa with Banner
Our Price: $1,685.00
6' Jolly Santa
Our Price: $1,885.00
Fiberglass sitting Reindeer 72" Hanging Santa on a rope
7' Whimsical Sitting Reindeer
Our Price: $1,790.00
Polar Bear Scene that moves to music. Large Christmas Mail box for letters to Santa
set of 2 mailboxes Giant Christmas Sleigh
Shipping Charge is per carton by UPS within the continental United States
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