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Outdoor Zoo Animal Christmas Displays

Building Zoological Society Awareness, while Generating Funds

The Concept for this holiday light show began in 2012 when we introduced it to the Zoological Society. Since it's inception the Light Show has had substantial acceptance from Civic and community leaders as well as the general public. After some assurances, the decision to move forward was approved. Our Society has a small, but active board of directors. When the Light Show fund raising concept was introduced to the board, it met with some skepticism. Concerns centered around financial and volunteer participation. Our original order was for 12 displays that were placed along 750' of park road. All of our displays were ordered from Holiday Lights & Magic. Each year we expanded. Presently, we have over 40 Animal Displays many of them custom animated and custom built. which extend to over 2,200' of road. This year we have added an African Safari theme to our light Show. With the expansion, our profit has also expanded. We continue to secure all our Animal displays through Holiday Lights & Magic. Their service and quality construction of the displays has been outstanding.
" This letter is from a Zoo in Wisconsin."

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