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European Collection 3-D Giant Walk Through Motifs

FDS Illuminations Walk Through Motifs are of the highest quality and design available. With facilities to build and test designs in house the development process of a project is quick and efficient. We have the flexibility to create any kind of design and use it on our finished products, giving the motifs a special & unique touch. All walk through motifs are 2nd to none with the high quality standards that go into each piece. Our powder coating capabilities will keep your Ornaments durable and will not rust or peel. Your motifs are built to last year after year. Order by June.
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walk-thru Christmas Ball with aluminum frame Gift Box with LED lights and aluminum frame
LED Lit 3-D Merry Christmas Gift Box with Trees,benches and Bow 3-D Star Ball with carpet garland
Giant Star Arch with walk thru and set up blocks giant gift box with LED Lights
3-D Candy Canes with LED Lights Giant walk through gift box with stars
3-D Walk-thru gift box with 2 doors Giant Walk through gift box with LED lights
3-D Walk Thru Turret Tree Walk through standing V with ribbon and star with LED lights
Giant walk-thru ornament 3-D Walk Thru Ornament Ball with Swirls
Giant walk thru motif with LED rope light and mini lights
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