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Giant Commercial Christmas Bows

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We offer giant commercial holiday bows in nylon, velvet and fiberglass to decorate building doorways, city benches or gates, giant decorative presents and much more. With sizes ranging from 12 inches to 96 inches. Our giant outdoor Christmas bows are versatile for a variety of designs and celebrations. Expertly crafted, these giant bows won’t fade or lose their shape over time, and several designs can be reshaped as needed. Many of our bows also make great decorations for oversized gifts such as new cars or a remodeled home. We also offer custom illuminated bow options manufactured in Greece! If you’re interested in a size or design that’s not shown here, be sure to call us in the first quarter of the year to allow time for manufacturing.

Order your giant commercial Christmas bows early in the year to receive our best discounts, and enjoy a 3 -season warranty with purchase!