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Christmas Sky Light Displays & Street Lamp Decor

Most of our products are eligible for discounts. We're able to offer the biggest price reductions in the first quarter, but can provide discounts all year long!
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We know you value craftsmanship and aesthetic equally; having a Christmas display that can survive more than a few seasons without rusting, fading or tarnishing will enable you to stretch your budget and create more beautiful displays year after year. Our Christmas sky lines and pole mount displays for street lamps are made of aluminum frame construction with tempered steel powder coated steel bases. These displays are made to last.
Your satisfaction is our priority. We've spent 25 years fostering strong relationships in our own community and beyond, and we value the trust you bestow on us year after year. We love to be able to provide you with beautiful and stunning Christmas street decoration lights, whether that's pole mounts, skylines or something else entirely, and we're just as well-versed in the manufacturing and assembly process of our custom parts as we are in the sale of them.

We're here to assist you in purchasing and in creating new concepts for your mall, town square, storefront or park. Our themes include stars, angels, holiday bells, Christmas trees and so much more. If you can dream it, we can create it for you; these displays can be recreated in any size or color to suit your own specifications. Most products are not currently in stock, and will be specifically manufactured for each order. Our bending machines are used to manufacture aluminum frames, steel sections, ornamentation, decorative pieces and more. The technicians have 30 years experience and all skyline decorations can also be manufactured into a wall mount. Questions? Call us, we're here for you.